Uva Ursi Leaf/Bearberry Smoking


Uva Ursi Leaf/Bearberry was well-known to the Native Americans, who smoked the leaves either alone or mixed with other smoking herbs in their ceremonial pipes, believing that the smoke carried their wishes to the higher powers.  They called the herb "Kinnikinnick," which roughly means "smoking mixture." 

Also known as Uva-Ursi or kinnikinnick and also found under the name of Clausius, Bearberry has been an herb well-known for its medicinal uses as far back as the 13th century. Marco Polo even spoke of it, reporting that the Chinese were using it as a diuretic to treat kidney and urinary problems.  

Native Americans were also known to use Bearberry  and other herbs in religious ceremonies. In this circumstance it was utilized as a smudge or smoked in a pipe, with the smoke of the burned herbs carrying the smoker`s prayers.   

 Highwinds Herbs all Organic UVA URSI LEAF/BEARBERRY is one of our best smoking herbs and used in some smoking blends